What is involved in Bowen treatment?
I will ask you some general questions about your health background and invite you to tell me about the condition which has bought you to Bowen. I will then explain exactly what I shall be doing and what you may expect. Bowen works best when applied directly on skin and ideally a client will be treated in their underwear. It can however be applied through loose clothing if preferred.

Bowen moves are then applied, a few at a time, at different points on the body. In-between each short series of moves, I will then leave the room for a couple of minutes to allow you to relax, and the Bowen messages to pass through your system without distractions. You may experience warmth, tingling or a feeling of heaviness; some people doze off, due to how relaxed they feel! After the treatment I will leave you for a few moments to 'come to', then we can discuss how you felt during the session, any questions that you may have, and some post treatment guidelines.

The first appointment takes about an hour and a half, for subsequent appointments allow an hour. To receive maximum benefit it is recommended that other physical therapies are not mixed with the Bowen Technique for example, reflexology, massage, physiotherapy, leaving at least 7 days before and after a treatment.

What happens during a treatment?
Thumbs or fingers are used to make a series of precise, rolling-type moves over muscles and ligaments, sending the body and mind into a relaxed state almost immediately after the first few moves have been made. During the treatment there are a series of short breaks where you are left resting for a few minutes. This allows the body to respond to the brain’s command to search for imbalances in the system and to make the necessary adjustments to correct any disorders, release stress at a deep level, reduce pain, increase energy, and re-balance the body.

There is no:
• Hard tissue manipulation involved.
• Adjustments or high velocity movements.
• Massaging or use of oils.
• Deep or prolonged pressure.
• Equipment required.